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"Jef was fantastic to work with. His content helped me climb search ranks for my desired terms!"

Forged Axe is the ultimate axe throwing venue in Whistler, BC. They offer a unique and one-of-a-kind experience for families, business events, celebrations, and broken-hearted singles who want to "axe up" their exes. In 2017, I had the opportunity to write content for their blog, which is now ranked on the front pages of search results.

Targeting Keyword Opportunities

James Anderson, Owner of, requested long-form blog content to target some "low hanging fruit" in Google search. He sent over a content brief, outlining his main objective, which was to drive more traffic to his website using a variety of search terms.

One of the articles commissioned included a detailed guide to help people plan a bachelorette party in Whistler. Even though this keyword draws approximately 100 searches per month, there was little competition when writing this article in 2017. Today, this article is ranked on the top page of Google and has been featured in various other blog posts which strengthen the "SEO factors" of this post.

Focusing First Page Search Results

Blog posts and web content get ranked by search engines based on a variety of signals. From keyword density to backlinking, there are numerous factors to consider before you can successfully get your content ranked on the first page.

In this commissioned article for Forged Axe, "The Ultimate Whistler Bachelorette Party Guide," here are a few reasons why this post quickly ranked on the front page:

  1. Long-form Content Gets Higher Rankings. SEO Experts emphasize the importance of having long-form content. Why? The average content length for a web page that ranks in the top ten results on Google has at least 2,000 words (Note: Forged Axe's article has more than 3500 words!).
  2. High Link Density. Linking to other websites, other than your internal pages, is a positive ranking factor for your content. This is also strategic in earning links back to your website by strategically reaching out to the people and domain owners you linked in your content. If you can secure more links back to your website, not only can you drive more traffic from these sources but also improve the SEO signal on your content.
  3. Technical SEO Factors. If you take a close look at Forged Axe's website, the design is optimized for their users. From breadcrumbs to metadata to content format (i.e., Headings, Body, Images, etc.), the entire site makes it easy to read the content and rank it according to all other signals in its algorithm. Design plays a critical part for getting on the first pages of search results.

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"His writing is always done with great research, formatting, and quality"

Jef is a serious pro, his writing is always done with great research, formatting, and quality. His content helped me climb search ranks for my desired terms and I will definitely be using his services again.

James Anderson, Owner of Forged Axe

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