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I'm currently experimenting with Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook Ads. I'm unsure which platform I prefer, nor can I make any recommendations for you. However, I'd love for you to come along for the ride! Drop your name and email below for occasional updates (about every month or two) on my advertising journey. Sign up to hear about my successes, setbacks, and all the lessons in between.

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    What are Ad Copywriting Services?

    Creative Ad Copy services involve crafting compelling and innovative text for advertisements across various media platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. The goal is to resonate with the target audience, prompt action, and ultimately drive conversions. These services encompass the strategic formulation of headlines, body copy, call-to-actions, and other textual elements that make up an ad.

    With Creative Ad Copy services, businesses benefit from copy that's not only attention-grabbing but also aligned with their brand voice and marketing goals. It's a blend of art and science: the art of engaging storytelling and the science of marketing psychology and consumer behavior.

    Effective ad copy can significantly boost the performance of advertising campaigns by ensuring that the message is not only seen but felt and acted upon. By leveraging such services, companies can expect to see higher engagement rates, an improved click-through rate (CTR), and an overall increase in the return on investment (ROI) for their ad campaigns.

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    Why should I sign up for updates on your ad experiments?

    By signing up for updates on my ad experiments, you'll be tapping into a rich vein of firsthand insights and honest reflections on the performance of various advertising platforms. You won't just receive data; you'll get a narrative of what works and what doesn't in the real world of online advertising.

    Each update will serve as a compass guiding you through the landscape of digital marketing, offering actionable strategies, tips, and comprehensive evaluations of platform effectiveness.

    This isn't just about following a journey—it's about refining your own approach to advertising by learning from an explorer in the field.

    Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, these updates will arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, keep ahead of trends, and potentially save time and resources on your own ad spends.

    How can ad consulting benefit my business?

    I'm passionate about the creative side of advertising, focusing on delivering unique, innovative ad copy that truly stands out. To me, the essence of impactful advertising lies in crafting messages that resonate, tell a story, and engage audiences on a deeper level. That's where my focus is: offering creative ideas and fresh perspectives that can redefine a brand's voice and messaging.

    I believe in empowering businesses to fine-tune their own systems and maximize the efficiency of their ad spend. The reality I've observed is that many ad agencies charge ongoing, high fees to manage ad accounts, often without delivering month-to-month value. It strikes me as a form of thievery, taking a piece of clients' profits for merely maintaining the status quo, rather than actively contributing to their growth.

    This approach doesn't sit right with me. That's why I advocate for providing one-off ad creative services. It's a model that gives businesses the tools and inspiration they need to experiment, optimize, and, most importantly, profit on their own terms. I'm here to spark that initial flame with creative ad copy that captivates and converts. After that, it's over to you to keep the fire burning, refining and adapting your campaigns to see your business thrive.

    By focusing on the creative aspect, I'm not just offering a service; I'm offering a partnership where your success is the true measure of my work. This is about more than just ads; it's about creating a legacy of compelling, effective marketing that stands the test of time.

    What makes your approach to ad copy and consu lting unique?

    The answer I wrote in the previous question says it all. But since you're here...


    • Creative Focus: I zero in on crafting unique, engaging ad copy that makes your brand stand out. It's all about bringing fresh ideas to the table.
    • Empowerment Over Dependency: Unlike the endless fees for ongoing management you'll see elsewhere, I provide standout creative work you can use and optimize on your own terms.
    • Value-Driven Approach: My goal is to deliver substantial, one-off creative contributions that fuel your business's growth, not to leech off your profits month after month.

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    How often will I receive updates, and what can I expect in them?

    Honestly, just sign up and find out for yourself.

    I'm busy now with client projects and experimenting with ads, but I will be sharing anything useful and interesting as they come up.

    Don't miss out!