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Imagine getting free web traffic from Google that sends qualified leads to your business𑁋makes having content a no brainer, right?

But wait, if you're going to spend the next 6 to 13 minutes reading this page, hopefully, you have a general idea of how content can be used as an effective strategy to generate leads and increase revenue.

Yet, if you haven't seen results before, how can you possibly expect to achieve anything different?

Well, I'm no miracle content maker, but I do have firsthand experience of helping my clients get ranked on the front pages of search, generate new leads within weeks, and strategically grow their affluence online. So, keep reading to learn about some content marketing stats along with a few services I provide or skip it all and start a project.

Content Statistics


  • 1 in 10 blog posts will accumulate compound "interest" (i.e. organic traffic continually grows)
  • Creating that 1 compounding blog posts can provide as much as (or more) traffic than 6 unpopular blog posts
  • Listicles are one of the most common pieces of blog content on the web
  • Adding real-world statistics in blog posts increases trust with buyers
  • Businesses that prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to see positive ROI
  • 47% of buyers will look at 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with sales

Content Marketing

  • Content marketing generates 3x more leads than paid search ads
  • YouTube (48%), Facebook Video (38%), and Instagram (33%) are the top 3 distribution channels for content marketing
  • Mapping your buyer's experience and delivering personalized content is the most effective tactic for optimizing marketing automation
  • 90% of agencies say their marketing automation strategy is successful𑁋and, I would say my clients have more or less the same level of success with the strategies we develop and deploy𑁋wanna try?)


Are you ready to create content?

Let's focus on building trust and driving profitable engagements with your business.

"We had more than 110,000 pageviews in the past year alone..."

"Jef's content helped us bring in traffic that was entirely organic - we paid nothing to promote either post and didn't expend any effort promoting them to our social media community. One of his blogs, which was our highest viewed blog post of all time, had more than 110,000 pageviews in the past year alone. Another brought in about 30,000 page views. Also a top draw on our site! "

- Katie Overmonds, Digital Strategist at OhmConnect

SEO Articles

Grab the attention of search engines and push your web pages to the top results. Let's find keyword opportunities to position your website as a leading authority that consistently publishing high-quality, SEO articles.

  • Improve search rankings
  • Increase web traffic
  • Target quality prospects


Blog Content

Communicate the personality and qualities of your business with friendly, fun, and unforgettable blog posts. Blogs tend to be shorter pieces of content that are quick and easy to write, publish, share and consume. Are you ready to engage with the interests of your audience?

  • Be personal and relatable
  • Engage your audience
  • Build long term growth


Press Release

Share timely events, new releases, and special announcements with a press release. Then, deploy a distribution strategy that gets your business noticed and shared by media outlets.

  • Create buzz in your niche
  • Expand reach and exposure
  • Multi-channel distribution


Lead Generation eBooks

Give your prospects the value they're searching for with an easy-to-read ebook. This cost-effective marketing tool allows you to quickly exchange valuable information for a prospect's contact.

  • Exchange value for contacts
  • Increase funnel conversions
  • Reduce buyer objections


White Papers

Identify pain points in your industry and offer a personalized solution in exchange for prospects' contact information. Use high-quality, well-researched reports as your failproof content marketing strategy to capture, nurture, and convert more qualified leads.

  • Establish industry authority
  • Increase qualified leads
  • Improve quality of buyers


"His content helped me climb search ranks..."

"Jef was fantastic to work with. His content helped me climb search ranks for my desired terms and I will definitely be using his services again."

James Anderson, Owner of Forged Axe

Your content can't create itself...

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