Clearly explain your benefits

Your message is the backbone that grabs people's attention and directs them to an offer. The only way to successfully do that is by telling a story that explains their benefits as clearly as possible.

If you can't explain your benefits ― what's the point of buying it?

Your buyers are searching for a solution to a very specific problem. If you're unable to directly address that problem, you risk losing them to someone who can.

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Benefits are easily associated with positive feelings and are more relatable than a product's features.

If you want to position your product as the go-to solution for people's pain points, focus your messaging on benefits not features. Benefits are better at triggering thoughts and feelings that can help people envision a new life with your product in it.

Here's a quick example:

  • Product/Service = Restaurant
  • Feature = Open 24/7
  • Benefit = Buy food at anytime. Thought = Available whenever I'm hungry. Feeling = convenience, reliable
  • Messaging idea = Feed all your favorite ― or freakishly late night ― cravings whenever you have them.

Focus not how your product can make money for you ― focus on what your product can do for your people.

Your benefits tell a story of the value-added and help you stand out from your competition

The truth is, your product's features are important but that's not your competitve advantage.

Feature-focused messaging tends to compete on prices and result in a response like, "wow cool, but, so what?"

Use your product's benefits to tell a story about the value-added -- that's the secret to differentiating your product from your competitors (especially in a super-saturated market).


Does your messaging clearly explain your benefits?

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